What We Do

The Venerable Women Empowerment

Foundation (VWEF) supports the spiritual, social, economic and physical

wellbeing of women in transition.

Women's Empowerment Includes:

  • Self-Worth 

  • Economic Independence

  • Health and Wholeness

  • Circles of Support

  • Spiritual Fulfillment

  • Leadership

How We Do This

By teaching women in

transition how to honor, 

love and respect themselves 

(the foundation for self-worth)

so they live their highest 

and best lives

By providing the financial means

for participation

in women's empowerment

 programs that educate, heal,

inspire and connect

 It can be a solo journey for many women, especially if they are economically

challenged, feeling unworthy and spiritually unsupported. 

The Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation provides sisterhood, 

community and real solutions for the path ahead.

When women do better, so does everyone around them.

From the Founder

"For many, these are challenging and dark times. A great awakening has occurred and many of us are choosing to serve humanity in meaningful ways. We believe that when each of us does better, we all do better.


Venerable Women empowerment programs (BEST Life, Living LOVE, The Five States of Venerable Being and Luminary Leadership) create circles of sisterhood that connect women with their highest and best selves,

and with one another. 


When women are seen, heard, respected and loved--and given proven tools to transform--their lives change permanently for the better. When women do better, so does everyone around them."

As women transform themselves and become whole

and healthy, they transform the world.

We are here to support them.

Transformation is possible no matter where a woman is or what her

socio-economic situation may be.

For the past three years Dawn Morningstar has been providing

empowerment programs and support to at-risk women in transition.

She was asked to present a Tedx Talk in Oakland, CA in November 2019.

See what she has to say . . . 

Join us in this transformation.

Help us change the lives of our sisters, our daughters and friends.

Help us change the world. 

Spread the word . . .

We teach women how to

honor, love and respect themselves first.

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