Founder &

 Executive Director

Dawn Morningstar

Dawn Morningstar is an award-winning author of the book Venerable Women:

Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, published in 2016.

That same year, she established Venerable Women, a women's empowerment organization offering training programs and products centered around the philosophy described in her book. 

In 2018 she founded the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation (VWEF) which provides support, tools and community for women in transition. Women leaving sex-trafficking, incarceration and domestic abuse, and recovering from addiction, benefit from learning new ways to move beyond the lives they've been living and in the direction of wholeness and healing. 

Venerable Women programs and projects like BEST Life, Living LOVE, Five States of Venerable Being and Luminary Leadership are life-transforming programs that have helped hundreds of women.  VWEF makes it possible for economically challenged women to participate in these and other empowerment programs at no cost to them. 

After coaching women for nearly 30 years, Dawn has felt that these kinds of programs should be made available to all women who seek them, not just those who can afford them. In this way, we level the playing field and give all women the opportunity to live happier and healthier lives.

By participating in life-affirming programs that VWEF offers and supports, at-risk women learn to embrace self-worth. This changes behaviors that caused them to end up in challenging situations in the first place. These women lead better lives, lead healthier families and can become leaders in their communities.


When women do better, so does everyone around them.

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