Joel Hodroff is a 40+ year social entrepreneur and advocate for women’s leadership in social and economic transformation.


Among his career activities in sales and management, he built and sold a solar heating products company in the 1980s, and his work in the barter industry led to the invention of a novel dual currency business model for which he was awarded 2 US patents in 1997.


Combining insights and technologies from the sharing economy, mobile apps, and cryptocurrencies, Joel now seeks to introduce a next generation wealth accounting and distribution protocol to speed sustainable community economic development and close social and economic disparities.


In 2016, Joel met Dawn Morningstar at a gathering of the Association of Transformational Leaders and was immediately called by her passion, power, and holistic change strategy. They have since been coaches for one another, close friends, and business collaborators. Joel considers it an honor to join the board of the Venerable Women Foundation to help raise consciousness on the planet towards creating a world that works for everyone.

Enjoy my 30 minute podcast interview with Dawn Morningstar!

Joel Hodroff
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