Joy Wolfe has been an advocate for the arts for over 35 years and views herself as a lifelong learner who is passionate about educating the public to why the arts are vitally important to our culture and humanity. She has studied art history, fine art, advertising, marketing, commercial art, interior design and small business management. 


In 2007, Joy's art history and interior design studies took her Amsterdam where she studied at the Van Gogh and other notable museums throughout Holland. The highlights of her interior design career included designing a medical clinic in Plymouth for traumatic brain injuries, with one of the few hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the state, as well as a penthouse, and beauty salon.  


In 2009, she took a leave of absence from her life’s work to raise her infant

grandson while her daughter deployed to Afghanistan as a Sergeant in the 

Marine Corp. This started Joy on a new path of self discovery to find her life’s purpose.


In 2018, after two years of documenting and organizing the collection of the late Master Artist, Jon Arfstrom, Joy started a 501(c)3 nonprofit for his widow and family. He leaves an incredible legacy and collection of over 2000 pieces of fine art. She has given multiple lectures and curated shows around the Twin Cities. 


Joy founded Fine Art Advocates, to incorporate the multiple disciplines she values and to be a strong voice for the arts. As a curator, consultant and fine arts advocate, she is dedicated to helping emerging artists grow their businesses as well as helping to elevate the arts overall.

Joy Wolfe
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