Denise Hollis is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and the
Co-Founder of Illuminate Integrative Healing.


Denise has a B.A. with a major in Social Studies and a minor in Psychology from the California State University, San Marcos. 
Illuminate Integrative Healing is a provider of Integrative Medicine services within Independent Senior Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Hospice Care Communities. Illuminate Integrative Healing provides the best in class practitioners for Healing Touch, Massage,
Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Yoga modalities.

Denise is committed to educating, growing awareness and creating accessibility to Integrative Care. She has been a seeker of energy healing for many years and has a passion for working to introduce integrative modalities and support Seniors in reaching their individual highest state of wellness. Prior to completing 5 Levels of training and passing a certification examination for Healing Touch, Denise’s background was in Human Resources.


She has experience in various industries including healthcare, education and manufacturing. Denise pursued certification in Healing Touch after a good friend’s son had a stroke at the age of 5. While this 5-year-old was in Rady’s Children Hospital in San Diego, CA, his parents were offered the opportunity to have him experience Healing Touch. Because Healing Touch was unknown to the parents, they were hesitant but finally agreed. When the Healing Touch
Practitioners, employed at Rady's Children Hospital, started the session the 5-year-old was in a coma and his body was in the fetal position. At the completion of the session, the 5-year-old was
still in a coma, but his body was laid out straight and relaxed. Denise was very impressed with this positive outcome and it sparked her interest in Healing Touch.

The Integrative Medicine services being offered by Illuminate Integrative Healing are all considered an energy-based approach to health and healing. These services are generally non-invasive,
have no or very few contraindications and benefits include help to improve pain, sleep, wound healing, provide support for cancer treatment and balance the body, mind and spirit. Denise’s personal goals are to empower Seniors to be in control of their pursuit to live their best possible life and wellness. She is immersed in the lives of seniors and facilitates an Alzheimer’s Support Group. Denise completed training in Bone Builders and training in the Fit and Strong Program in October 2018.

Denise Hollis

On the Power of 

Venerable Women

I believe deeply in the power of women to connect, communicate and improve the World for mankind. 


I know NOW is the time for women to recognize their collective and individual power. 


Venerable Women and it's Founder, Dawn Morningstar,  is also committed to helping women be empowered. 


I graduated from both Venerable Women and Luminary Leaders program so I have experienced first-hand the difference and growth from these programs.


As a woman of color,  I am especially excited to work with under-served and under-represented women to help either with new beginnings or the realization of their individual power and what they can bring to themselves and their communities.

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