At-Home On-Line Mini-Retreat

Wednesday, April 1st 10:00 am - Noon

This is a collaboration between Venerable Women and The Christine Center. We are splitting all registration fees for this online gathering 50/50 as a way to keep our organizations funded during these times when we cannot gather in person.

Take a deep breath in, dear one, and relax into this moment. Ground yourself in the knowing that something new is emerging for you, for our world and for all of our brothers and sisters.

In uncertain times, we may feel confusion, sadness and even fear. Uncertainty, like vulnerability, can be elements that open the door to possibilities never before seen. What if we can embrace the Sacred in all we are feeling, using these feelings as compost for fresh gardens of living?

I invite you to join me on an at-home mini-retreat that will soothe your soul, connect you with other loving people and inspire us to raise our faces to the sky of wellbeing for all.

On our 2 hour Zoom call (don’t worry--Zoom is easy to use) you’ll experience:

  • healing meditations

  • breathing techniques to bring you peace and strengthen your immune system

  • magnificent imagery to uplift you

  • lovely music

  • thoughtful reflections

  • messages from your dreams and intuition

  • connection with others who are compassionate and caring

  • lightness of being

  • hope for our individual and collective futures

Facilitated with love by Dawn Morningstar, founder of Venerable Women, Master Coach, Author of "Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World" and podcast host of Venerable: Women's Sacred Conversations

You'll be sent a Zoom link when you register and an email with more information two days before our mini-retreat.

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